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ABS Language codes for XML imports


I've been setting up an XML import of student records from another enrolment system. The import is working correctly, but I'm getting odd results from the ABS language codes. If I import a record where the LanguageABSid is set to 1201 (expecting English), the record imports with the language set to "Strine". If I import it as 2101 (expecting French), the system returns "Walloon". I understand that these are alternative values for the same language code in the ABS list, but am I missing a modifier that sets the text value to the specific one I want?


  • Yes, I've confirmed there is a problem with that particular part of the import. But on the plus side, we'll be completely rebuilding the whole import mechanism in the next few months to take advantage of the new groovy approach to scripting.

    That will give you much more flexibility to import not just students but any record in the whole schema that you can see here:
  • Hi Ari, thanks for your response. In the meantime, is the fix just to update the language code in onCourse, or should we not import the language code at all, and simply set it on the imported data? As you can imagine, doing that repetitively could get... repetitive...

    (I should specify that the other enrolment system will continue to be used, and each course has its data exported to onCourse for submission to The Gubment).

  • Our entire import mechanism has already been completely rebuilt, completely solving these problems. You now (as of onCourse 7.10) get a complete groovy environment to control the importing of data.

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