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Starting onCourse Server

I have downloaded the Community edition to my standalone windows 10 PC.
It was running fine, but since rebooting the PC I can no longer start onCourse Server.
Have checked Java and that is up to date.
Rebooted the PC again - still nothing, even if I try to run as administrator.
I get to the prompt "do you want to allow this program to make changes?" Click yes, and nothing happens....
Advice neeeded - how do I get it to run?


  • Hi Guy, did you already go through the set up section of the Manual?
  • Yes, and took admin
  • Yes, I have been through that carefully. I have removed and re-installed and did manage to get the server to start one time, and log into on course. However, overnight on 27th W10 did another update, and since then, onCourse Server will not start despite another remove and reinstall.
  • What a pain for you. There are several things you should look at:

    * Run onCourseServer as an admin user. It needs to open a port and Windows might not let you do that without admin rights
    * Disable virus scanning or firewalling and see if that helps. If it does, you might be able to create an exception for onCourse. Again, onCourse Server opens a port and a firewall might block that. Virus scanning can cause a lot of trouble for database files.
    * Try running onCourseService rather than the standalone onCourse Server.
    * Make sure that Java and onCourse match the 64bit/32bit operating system. That is, if you are running 64bit Windows, make you have installed 64bit Java.
    * Sometimes Windows will be running an application in the background and you can't see it running. Then you can't run it again. Reboot your machine between attempts.
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